Happy Birthday Mitchell

Mitchell the Magnificent
By Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Mitchie Moe

Today Mitchell is eleven
That is way more than seven
Or eight, nine or even ten
Or any other age he’s been

Mitchell is growing up you see
Into the man he is going to be
He is a fine specimen to the core
And discovering his wings to soar

Mitchell is a history buff you see
Who studies how we used to be
Point to the globe and an ancient time
He knows their tales and their clime

He is a craftsman with his pen
Writes plays about where we’ been
He is a sage of the ancient stories
Even if they are a little gory

He makes music with passion and vibe
Wants the world to know he is alive
For he knows a song is also a story
 With tales of battles in all their glory

If he were alive in distant times
He would be a warrior sublime
With courage and strength to spare
Fight with him only if you dare

Give him a sword and a shield
Then sit back and watch him build
A life that is worthy of honor and respect
From all the people he has met

For Mitchell will make his place in history
For the entire world is bound to see
That he is the hero of a life well spent
Because Mitchell is really is magnificent 

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