Happy Birthday Lily

Lily’s Song
Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you so - my little Lily.

There is a girl named Lily
Who has a great big smile
If you take her little hand
She will walk with you a while

Sometimes she feels dancey
As she twirls all around
And sometimes she feels quiet
And won’t make a single sound

Sometimes she feels artsy
So she draws a picture for me
Sometimes she feels like talking
Or is as playful as can be

Sometimes she likes to share a lot
With her little sister Eden
Other times she wants to snuggle
Cause she just feels like readin’

But every single day Lily
Has lots of love to share
Cause Lily is a sweetheart
With a heart just full of care

So if you’re very lucky
You’ll have Lily for your friend
She will be your best buddy ever
Right up to the end