Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!

This is a special story written for my granddaughter Sophia on her fifth birthday.  Happy Birthday sweetheart. Grandma loves you very much.

Sophia’s Fairy Grandmother
Granny B

One day Sophia and her mother were reading Cinderella. Sophia knew how the story would end because she had heard it many times. Right when they got to the part in the story when Cinderella’s fairy Godmother arrives and saves the day, Sophia stopped her mother with a sad lament.

“I wish I had a fairy Godmother,” Sophia said. “I want a pumpkin coach and a sparkly dress and I want to go to the castle and dance with the prince and be a queen. But I’ve wished and wished and my fairy Godmother never comes.”

Sophia’s mother wrinkled her brows and thought for a long while.

“Your fairy Godmother doesn’t come because she is only pretend,” her mother said. “In real life, magic people don’t suddenly appear and whisk all your troubles away with a fancy wand. If you want your stepmother problems to go away you have to solve them yourself. If you want a carriage and a sparkly dress you have to get a job, go to work and earn them.”

“What!” Sophia answered. “Fairy Godmothers aren’t real? But I want a fairy Godmother or my wishes will never come true.”

“Wishes come true when you work very hard every day and you don’t give up,” her mother said.

“Did you have wishes when you were a little girl?” Sophia asked.

“Yes. I wished that I could marry my prince and I did. That’s your daddy.”

“Daddy is a prince?” Sophia said with a wrinkled nose.

“Yes,” her mother answered. “And I wished that I could be a mommy and now I am with you and your brothers.”

“But what about your pumpkin coach and sparkly dress?” Sophia asked.

“I wore a sparkly dress on the day we were married in the temple and your Dad’s old green Subaru got us to our own private castle just fine.”

“You lived in a castle?”

“If there is love between a husband and a wife, even the smallest, oldest apartment seems like a castle,” her mother answered.

Sophia lowered her eyebrows and thought for a very long time. Then she ran to the dress-up box and grabbed her wand and wishing ring.

“I have a wish,” Sophia said with a great big smile as she placed the ring on her finger and waved the wand into the air. “I’m going to be a fairy Godmother and make my wishes come true.”

“You’ve got it,” her mother answered. “That is where real magic begins.”