Poem for a Seven-Year-Old

Tessa at Night
 Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday Tessa. I love you so.
You are a dream come true.

When the blue moon rises over the mountain
And all the wee people have gone to bed
It is time for the sprites to come alive
Where elves and fairies are led

To a place in the night where the cherubim roam
And the flying buttresses lie
Where all the children’s dreams are sent
To the place where they light by and by

Then all the blackness is swirled away
And the bright stars begin to shine
As all the world basks in slumber
Multitudes of bright jewels are thine

For children are the magic of the night
And their wishes are my command
And their hopes are the makings of castles
And their visions appear in the sand

For when the wee one’s eyes are closed
And the nippers nod in repose
The forests and mountains sway in twilight
And the mystics will never close

The guardians of the progenies stand tall
For active duty at your bed
And keep you safe in slumber
Until morning comes again as said

Then when the sun rises over the mountain
And all the wee people flee
You’ll know it is time to awaken
To the promise you are meant to be


Poem for a Two-Year-Old

Alice is Two
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy two-year-old birthday Alice. 
I love you SO much. 
Thinking about you makes me smile.

If you feel a wiggle
And really have to giggle
It’s time to shimmy and to shine
To be a princess divine

If you feel a gust
Of energy that must
It’s time to leap from the chair
For anyone who dares

If you feel a bumble
Rumbling in your tumble
It time to grab the treats
And find a comfy seat

If you feel a smile
Filling your face in style
It’s time for a great big hug
With mommy beetle bug

If you feel a wink
Right before you blink
It’s time for a Daddy ride
Swinging side to side

If you feel a grump
From a Griffy lump
It’s time to scream and roar
And say you want no more

If you feel a snuggle
It’s time for a huggle
And a book to read
With Rylan in the lead

And when nighttime comes
And all the day is done
It’s time for a ride to bed
For this little sleepy head


New Horizons Orchestra Spring Concert

Playing in this orchestra brings me great joy!
I love playing in the New Horizons Orchestra!