Share Your Love with a Wink This Christmas

I have been so touched by the goodness of people who remember my grandson who passed away about ten months ago. This kind gesture to remember Caleb this Christmas meant so much to our whole family. THANK YOU.

"...I read the story about your son Caleb in one of your mom's books and then read more about him on your blogs. Thank you for sharing his story. Reading about Caleb and your family has been inspiring to me. I love the message of sharing love with a "Wink". I live in Delta now and each year our community has a Christmas Tree Festival where people in the community decorate Christmas trees and then donate them to the festival. The trees are auctioned to businesses or community members and all of the proceeds go to Sub for Santa and the Food Bank. I am in the young women's presidency in my ward and this year the young women and young men in our ward will be joining with people in our community who have special needs to decorate a tree for the festival. We were hoping to share Caleb's story with our Young Men and Young Women and then have the theme of our Christmas tree be "Wink"...We would like to encourage our youth to share love this holiday with a "Wink" in honor of Caleb..."

I'll never forget the year Caleb played the angel in our annual family Nativity Play complete with costumes. Caleb's father Dallan spoke the words for Caleb when it was his turn but we all felt that it was Caleb's booming voice that said, "Fear Not! For behold I bring you tidings of great joy!"
We miss you Caleb. You are a real angel now.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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