Happy Birthday Kate

Kate’s Kindergarten
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy sixth birthday my charming Katie

When you start kindergarten
It can be quite a scare
But if you face your worries
It’s an adventure if you dare

So fluff up your brave smile Katie
Smooth out your new duds and shoes
Walk right in that brand new classroom
Without a trace of the blues

For going to school for the first time
Can make your tummy feel tight
Then before you know it
There are new friends and recess delights

First you learn about your letters
Then your fingers and your toes
Next come your numbers my friend
And sitting in desks in rows

The best time is when your teacher
Gathers everyone all around
And reads a brand new book
You don’t even make a sound

Reading makes pictures alive in your mind
Gives you wings to fly in the sky
Then sometimes the stories are sad ones
That makes you breathe a sigh

Soon it’s time for recess
You blast out the door on the run
New friends are all around you
It’s time to swing in the sun

 Then you hear the last bell ring
And know it’s time to go home
Your mother’s big hug awaits you
No matter where you roam.