Poem For A Two-Year-Old

When You’re Two

By Granny B

Happy Birthday Rylan!
I can’t believe you’re two.
Here is a poem I wrote just for you.


 I’m so tired said mother to her son

All day long you keep me on the run

I’m so tired said boy to his mom

There’s so much food to make into bombs.


Boy smiles and mother sighs

Sometimes they both don’t see eye-to-eye

For little boys and moms have so much work

That sometimes they both go berserk


Yet it takes a mother to show the way

Before boy becomes a man someday.


So for now . . .


Boys have holes to dig

And shoes to fill are way too big

Boys have rocks to huck

And goose-egg lack of luck

Boys have trucks to propel

And lots of screams to exhale

Boys have hills and beds to romp

And lots of bugs to stomp


And when the day is done

And two sleepy heads can’t run

Moms and boys still give lots of hugs

For that’s what love is really made of

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