The Magic of a Moment with Alisa Baadsgaard

My daughter Alisa.

My twelve-year-old daughter Alisa is a wonderful artist
who sees beauty and wonder everywhere.
Sometimes she captures the moment with her camera,
sometimes with a song she composes
and other times with a drawing.
She recently won the statewide "Make Your Mark" Bookmark Design Contest
that came with a $1,000 UESP college savings certificate.
This is Alisa's Book Mark Design
Alisa also recently took this picture that I love.
This is what she said about it. . .
"I took this picture of my four-year-old niece
while we were blowing bubbles in our backyard.
I chose to use bubbles as my subject because
 they are so magical and only last a moment.
The bubble represents one moment in time.
The things we enjoy most don't last.
You have to catch and enjoy each fleeting moment before it is gone.
The tiny hands represent the beauty and magic of childhood.
For children grow up and soon they're grown.
When I printed this picture,
I was surprised to see that the bubble looked as though it could be a fragile earth,
suspended in black space.
We live out our lives on this delicate orb.
Our very existence is a magical moment in time." 
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