I'm a New Grandma!

My brand new grandson Liam James Cope was born on September 21 2010.  Congratulations Arianne and Jared!  Liam is a beautiful newborn with lots of dark brown hair like his mother and me.  He is the fourth child of a fourth child or a fourth child.  Pretty special. 

Spending time at my daughter's home was a piece of heaven for me.  Playing tag in the front yard, going for walks around the block and rocking the newest member of the family in the same rocking chair where I rocked his mother filled me with joy. 

I have the greatest respect and love for women who have the faith and courage to bring children into the world.  Everything that matters begins and ends with family.

I love you Jared, Arianne, Sammy, Sophie, Logan and Liam.  Thank you for letting me stay at your house and soak in the wonder of your beautiful family.
Granny B.