Birthday Story for a Seven-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 7th birthday Logan. I love you so.
Logan packed his hand-held pick, screen board, and goggles into his back pack and put on some sunscreen. He tugged his sun hat over his head and climbed in the front seat of the truck. Today was Logan’s day alone with his dad.
            “Today I will find treasure,” Logan said to his father.
As Logan’s father backed from the driveway and headed toward Topaz Mountain, Logan put on his sun glasses and made sure his gloves were in his pockets. He stared out the window of the truck as they left town and headed toward the desert. Two hours passed as they drove down the long grey highway. Logan watched as all the green plants and farmer’s fields turned to brown sagebrush and tumble weeds.
Then all of a sudden, Logan saw a huge imposing white and grey mountain ahead.
“Is that it?” Logan asked.
His father nodded as he took the turn off and dove down a long washboard dirt road that led to the base of the mountain. When he stopped the truck, Logan jumped out and ran toward a rocky outgrowth. The sunlight caught thousands of tiny crystals embedded in the rock.
As soon as Logan reached the place in the rock where he saw the sparkle, his shadow hid the sun and the glistening stones disappeared.
“Now I can’t find any,” Logan said.
“Sometimes if you want to find treasure, you have to think like a piece of topaz,” his father said. “If you were a crystal, where would you hide?”
Logan looked carefully and slowly around him. He noticed the sand at his feet. He thought about rain storms and water running off the mountains after a storm.
“If I were a piece of topaz, I’d hide in the sand at the bottom of a washout,” Logan said.
He took off his glove, knelt down and brushed his hand over the soft sand. Instantly a piece of topaz popped up.
“I found one,” Logan yelled as he carefully placed the stone in his pocket.
Next Logan took his square screen board from his back pack, filled it with sand and shook it. When all the sand fell through the screen holes, two small topaz crystals remained. He placed these two small stones in his other pocket.  Next he looked up at the cliff face and spied another glint of light. Right at the top of the bluff he saw a large crystal embedded in the rock. He climbed up the rock face, took out his chisel and hammered into the rock.
After a long time of chiseling, Logan couldn’t remove the crystal.
“It won’t come out,” Logan said.  
“Maybe this one wants to stay in the mountain,” his father said. “Sometimes the most beautiful creations are meant to stay where they are.”
Driving home in the truck that evening, Logan watched the sun setting behind Topaz Mountain and sighed.
“I wish this day could last forever,” Logan said.
Then he slid over next to his father.
“I found my treasure,” Logan said just before he fell asleep.
“Logan - you are my treasure,” his father whispered as Logan’s head snuggled into the soft fold of his arm.


Interior Photos of Payson Temple Interior Released

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
has just released photos of the new Payson Temple Interior
You can see more photos by clicking on this link:
(Photo: Copyright 2015 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Read more at http://www.ksl.com/?nid=1164&sid=34330414#kK0v0OAfJg3RSCHF.99


John's Prom Pictures 2015


Easter at the Baadsgaard House

Why I'm so glad we have a back acre.
Lots of ditches and spring grass to hide the eggs in
treaure found
family time
always a smile
sunlit angels
mother/daughter time
Father and son egg hunting
Cousin swapping time


Maple Mountain Science Olympiad Team Takes State!

My son John is part of a team where they compete on a regional and state level in 27 different science categories. This past weekend, his Science Olympiad Team from Maple Mountain High School took first place at state finals. Now they are on to a national competition in Nebraska. Way to go John.


Birthday Story for a Five-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 5th birthday Andrew.
I love your smiles and hugs and I love you.

            Andrew jumped into his sandbox.
If I dig, what I will find?
Deeper and deeper Andrew shoveled. Soon a big hole appeared. Andrew reached into the hole and pulled out a handful of mud. Andrew squeezed the wet dirt through his fingers.
Chocolate frosting.
When Andrew took a lick of mud, it didn’t taste like frosting.
Andrew grabbed the back yard hose and turned on the water. Then he filled his hole with water. He reached inside and scooped the mud into a big pile.
Andrew made a bowl and a cup with his hands and grabbed handfuls of grass to put inside for dinner.  Then Andrew saw a swallow swooping down next to his mud hole. The bird took a small piece of mud and carried it the highest eve on Andrew house. Andrew noticed the cup-shaped nest clinging to the side of his house and remembered the baby birds that hatched there last spring.
Mud house.
Then Andrew built his own mud house in his sandbox with houses, roads and bridges. When he was finished Andrew saw his father working in the backyard garden planting seeds. Andrew watched his father bending low placing seeds one by one in a long row.
“Soon we’ll have tomatoes, beets, peppers and corn,” his father said.
Andrew planted pebbles in the sand box.
Rock trees.
Then Andrew’s friends Benson and Grant came to play.
Can I have some mud?” Benson asked.
“No, this is my dirt,” Andrew said.
Andrew’s father walked over to the sandbox.
“Maybe there is not enough gold in the world for everyone,” Andrew’s father said, “but there is always enough earth.”
Soon Andrew and his friends were covered with dirt. When Andrew’s friends went home to take a bath, Andrew’s father sprawled on the grass and looked up at sky.
“I like the way the newly plowed earth smells,” Andrew’s father said.
Andrew snuggled next to his father on the grass.
“If you have a pile of dirt to call your own, you have the world,” Andrew father said. “Just think; we live on a giant ball of earth spinning around the sun.”
“Will we fall off?” Andrew asked.
“No,” his father answered. “The earth never shakes us off. God planted us on the earth to grow our souls.”
Then Andrew’s father gave him the biggest hug of the world.