44th Wedding Anniversary and John Denver Music

Ross and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary
listening to John Denver music under the stars in Midway.


Fun Family Summer Trips 2019

Tessa and Alice in their stone house.

Baadsgaard cousins at Fish Lake

Hiking in Capitol Reef

Awesome museum in Fairview

Ross skipping rocks.

Amy and with Ross.

Cousins making memories.

Kyle with Simon.
Tessa being delightful.


Joshua Moody Serves in California

My grandson Joshua Moody is serving a mission
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern California.
Joshua was able to help serve many people who lost their homes
in Paradise CA during the devastating fires.


Baadsgaard Cabin Time 2019

I feel SO grateful that our cabin survived the fires last summer!
A Mama robin on four blue eggs at the cabin.

Jacob Baadsgaard Runs First Marathon

My son Jacob recently ran his first marathon. . . 26.2 miles and he could still smile!


Teaching Primary Children about the Payson Temple Corner Stone Box

I loved teaching the Primary children about the corner stone box at the Payson Temple this week.


What Remains After the Forest Fire Behind Our Cabin in Loafer Canyon

This is all that remains of "Big Tree"
the largest white pine west of the Mississippi.
We loved taking hikes to this tree with our family
through a shaded forest filled with lush vegetation.
Now the forest is gone.
I'm standing in the charred remains of the forest behind our cabin among the black ghosts of trees.
My husband Ross is standing on top of the mountain behind our cabin
looking out over the burned terrain
after the raging forest fire last summer.
These beautiful mountains were once thick with trees and foliage.
The forest floor is now covered with sterile ash
and the charred remains of old growth pines
that will never return.
All the beautiful trees are gone like a dream in the night.
Tall stately pines that took hundreds of years to mature
into our beloved forest are now gone.
There is no wildlife or sounds of birds.
Even the wind is still as if to mourn our loss.
Yet if I look at my feet, I see a single blade of grass
brave the desolation and destruction.
Life will go on.
Though life will never be the same on our mountain
there will be more beauty to come.

As recent fires in my life
have raged
threatening to destroy my peace and joy,
I will go on.
For the refiners fire burns away all the dross
and only love and hope remain.


I'm hosting a FREE writing workshop at my cabin

I am hosting a free writing workshop at my cabin on June 13th. My cabin is just a 15-20 minute drive from my home located at 305 North 2550 East (Spanish Fork Parkway).If you are interested we are meeting at my home at 6:30 and driving up together. Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes.

I think reading/writing enriches our lives immensely and that everyone can be a writer. I've been writing newspaper/magazine articles, features, columns, and many books for the past 40 years along with teaching writing at UVU and want to pass along some great ideas to get you started. I am also going to give each person who attends a copy of my first book, Winter's Promise, as a gift.