Mitchell’s Magnificent Mitten Rescue Mission


Granny B

(This is a special story written for my grandson Mitchell on his fourth birthday)

“Why is my laundry basket always missing?” Mitchell’s mother wondered as she walked from the laundry room into the kitchen. Then she picked up the mop and started cleaning the floor.

Mitchell was sitting at the kitchen table smooshing his red play dough into cannon balls with his cousin Emma.

“Mitchell do you know where my laundry basket is?” his mother asked.

Mitchell rolled his eyes.

“Yes Mom,” he answered. “But I need it. I’ll give it back after we save Mittens from the swamp dragon.”

Then Mitchell ran to the dress-up chest, pulled out his two plastic swords and gave one to Emma his cousin.

“The dragon took Mittens and we have to get him back,” Mitchell said as he dashed from the room and down the hall.

Mitchell’s mother knew Mittens was his favorite stuffed animal.

“Good luck Sir Mitchell the Brave and Emma the Lion Heart,” his mother said as they both rounded the corner and dashed into his bedroom. She followed close behind and peeked around the corner.

“Watch out for the swamp,” Mitchell whispered to Emma. “Climb in this magic ship.”

Mitchell and Emma climbed into the laundry basket and rowed across the swamp with their swords. Then suddenly Mitchell screamed and Emma covered her eyes. There on the evil mountain was the dastardly dragon ready to eat them.

“Emma!” Mitchell yelled as he fought the dragon with his sword, “open your eyes and row this way. Mittens is trapped behind the doors of doom. We have to save him.”

Emma opened her eyes, bared her teeth and growled.

“Yeah! The dragon is dead!” Mitchell yelled. “Now we just have to get through the doors of doom.”

Mitchell and Emma jumped from their ship and stood before the closet doors.

“The doors won’t open!” Mitchell yelled.

“They’re stuck,” Emma answered. “What should we do?”

“I remember now,” Mitchell said, “the doors only open if you know the magic words.”

Just then Mitchell’s Mom leaped into the room.

“I know the magic words,” she yelled. “Follow me!”

Mitchell’s mother stood before the doors of doom holding her mop handle like a chalice.

“We are the fellowship of love,” she yelled. “Doors of doom, awaken to the light!”

Then Queen mother reached forth her hand and the doors of doom opened wide. Mitchell dashed inside, grabbed Mittens from the cliff of no return then jumped back into the ship. He waved for Queen Mother and Cousin Emma the Lion Heart to join him. When they safely reached the Bed of Benevolence, Mitchell carefully tucked Mittens under the covers. Then he placed his gleaming sword and red cannon balls under his bed.

“You never know when you might have to slay another dragon,” Mitchell said as his mother reached for her laundry basket.

“Yes,” his mother answered. “Even now I leave to slay the molten mountain of mounting mess beyond these doors. Farewell good prince and princess. We shall meet again.”