I Still Live In Pumpkin Country

I still  live in pumpkin Country.
We moved out into the country 25 years ago.
 and now - not so slowly,
 the subdivisions have been getting closer and closer to my home.
Lately, huge metal dinosaurs have been making assault roads and lots for new houses along the southern border of our  two acres.

I have been trying to have a good attitude -  believing that perhaps a new best friend will move next door.
But mostly I've been missing
the quiet country roads and open fields filled with wheat, barley and alfalfa.
I miss watching Mr. Olsen drive past my house at twenty miles an hour with no one to honk or make him hurry along.
They built a high school just down the road and young people are always in a hurry.

But there are a few hold-outs.

I am one of them
- the pumpkin growers are another.
Pumpkins make me smile.
Lately I've been watching the farmers pile these orange orbs of sunshine into boxes and drive them to market.

 People keep asking me 

when we are going to sell our property.
But I can't bear to leave these two acres
where my children grew up.
Where else could we pull the children with red cheeks on their sleighs in the winter?
 Where else can we pick raspberries and climb apples trees in the summer?
Where else would I find such a rustic old barn and a 1950's trailer?
 Where else would I find my own private forest of thirty foot pines lovingly planted by my husband from tiny three inch starts.

Where would the quail and doves in my trees go if our sanctuary was gone?
Where else could I look out my kitchen window and see a long row of lilacs blooming in the spring?

Where else would I gather my growing family of forty-five loving sons, daughters, and grandchildren?
As the adults fill my home on Sunday evenings and fill my heart with the beautiful noise of seven conversations going on at the same time - the children discover fairy treasures left for them in the secret garden under the aging pine.

This is my home - my family - my love.


Reflections At The Cabin 2014

I find myself in a contemplative mood in the fall. 
The season is changing 
and my life must change too.
As I contemplate the last of my children leaving home 
I can not hold them close enough.
I want these days to last forever.
Yet each season must end 
before another can begin.
I am not ready.
I want to hold on.

For we watch them leave home in autumn.
Now we are at the curtain waving good-bye.
Now we are the ones breathing a sigh.

As trees lose their leaves in the brisk mountain air -
limbs become sullen, dark, and bare.
Then flowing like honey to the valley floor,
the season reappears and gives us more.
Crimson, copper, and gold all about,
as if to say good-bye with a majestic shout.
Each day is fleeting like a leaf on the wind -
yet as one season passes, another begins.

Like wind through the forest 

or small grains of sand,
the boy we once knew has become a man.
Now our little girl, once covered in lace,
becomes a new mother and takes our place.

Cycle of living, 

season of song,
embraces and whispers,
"Life goes on."


When You Can't Hold Still

When You Can’t Hold Still
Granny B
Happy first birthday little Griffen.
I miss you and love you SO much.

There is a boy named Griffen
With a motor in his middle.
When mom says hold still
He thinks it is a riddle.

"Hold still"means to jump
And "be quiet" means to roar.
"Sit down" surely means
Jump off the couch and soar.

“Oh No!” means mom is crazy
And “No -No!” makes you cagey
When Dad says, “Get down from there.”
You smile and take it as a dare.

 Bath time means to run away
Before your mom can ruin your day.
Diaper change is such a chore
For this little boy we all adore.

But story time now that’s the gem
They take you in their arms . . . and then -
They sing the words into your heart
So you can’t get the wiggles to start.

And before you know it, you’re fast asleep.
They put you to bed - then take a peek.
For a little boy who’s full of giggles
Now there isn’t even one little wiggle.


MORNING HAIR - A Birthday Poem for my Daniel

Morning Hair
Granny B
Happy Birthday Daniel.
I love your poke-up hair because you get it from me.
 I love you.

When you’re two your hair won’t flop
Or lay down nice and lazy
It wakes up first with a bit of a burst
And pokes out rather crazy.

“What did you do to your hair last night?”
Says mom with a bit of delight
“Now it’s time to get you dressed
So you won’t look a sight.”

Mom gets the gel and the great big comb
And says, “Will you please hold still?”
But your body itches and then it twitches
As you race to the kitchen for a meal.

 “Come back here you little monkey,”
Your mother says with a dare.
“You will be quite a scare
If you don’t let me comb your hair.”

But who needs combs when a banana will do
As you rub fingers like so.
Added to hair it makes a great paste
Keep rubbing for a glistening glow

After breakfast it’s time to race
 And jump up on all the beds
Tired old moms just won’t last
Just like she has said.

When daytime turns to nighttime
Mom never pinned you down.
Your crazy hair survives the day
After somersaults in a bound.

The hair gel and the big comb
Are lying all alone.
“Your hair still looks crazy,”
Says mother with a moan.

 Then you smile and mother melts
Like butter in the sun
She takes you in her arms and sighs,
“You are my precious son.

Someday you’ll worry about your hair
But today is not that day.
I like your hair a little bit crazy
Let’s hug each other and play.”


When You Are Brothers . . . and Best Friends

When You Are Brothers and Best Friends
Granny Baadsgaard
Happy 4th birthday Rylan.
I love you sweetheart.
You told me you wanted a story with frogs - so here it is.

Once upon a time there was a lonely green frog named Rylan. When Rylan woke up in the morning he looked at the empty side of his lily pad and sighed. He thought about what it would be like if he had a brother. He wished and wished; but no brother came.
“If I had a brother,” Rylan said to his mother one day. “We would hop from one lily pad to another all day and splash in the water. We would have so much fun.”
“Daddy and I are working on it,” his mother answered.
Sometimes Rylan imagined he had a brother. One day Rylan looked into the pond and saw another frog looking back at him.
“Oh, there you are,” Rylan said. “Hop out of the pond and we’ll play hide and seek in the cattails.”
But Rylan’s brother in the pond didn’t come out. He stayed in the water. Rylan noticed that his brother copied everything he did. If Rylan raised his right arm, his brother raised his right arm. If Rylan hopped up and down three times, his brother hopped up and down three times. 
“I have a new brother,” Rylan told his mother one day. He lives in the pond and he always copies me.
“Oh that is just your reflection,” his mother said.
Rylan didn’t know what reflection meant but he decided to make his brother come out of the pond so he could show his mother.
The next day Rylan went to the pond and reached inside the water to pull his brother out. It didn’t work. All he touched was water. His brother disappeared in the splashes he made.
“Where are you?” Rylan called. “Please come out and play with me.”
When the splashes stopped and the water returned to a calm smooth pond, Rylan saw his brother again staring at him like he always did.
“Well, you are a good listener,” Rylan said. “But I wish you’d come out of there and play with me sometimes.”
When Rylan was three years old he heard his father calling his name. Then he saw his mother and father hopping toward him with big smiles on their faces.
“We have something exciting to tell you,” his father said. “Your mother is going to have a new baby. Before long you are going to have a new sister or brother.”
“Please let the baby be a brother so we can be best friends,” Rylan said in his prayers every night.
On the day his brother was born, Rylan was so excited he couldn’t stop hopping up and down and jumping from lily pad to lily pad.
“This is the best day of my life,” said yelled to the sky.
“How about we name him Griffen?” his mother said. “Would you like that?”
“Griffen is a great name,” Rylan answered. “Now when can he play?”
“Griffen just wants to eat and sleep. He is too little for hopping. Be patient Rylan.”
Rylan tried so hard to be patient but it was very hard. Soon his brother grew big enough to hop. Every day Rylan taught his brother something new. He showed him how to croak and how to hop from lily pad to lily pad. He taught him how to catch dragon flies with his tongue.”
“Griffen and I are best friends,” Rylan said to his mother.
But some days were hard. Griffen knocked over all of Rylan carefully built bridges between the lily pads. Sometimes he croaked so loud at night it kept Rylan awake at night.
“Brothers are like that,” his father said when he heard Rylan complain. “Sometimes they do things that make us feel tired or mad. But when you’re brothers we stay best friends any way.”
One day Rylan took Griffen to see his still brother in the pond. Rylan saw two still brothers in the water. One looked just like Rylan and one looked just like Griffen. The one who looked like Rylan copied everything Rylan did. The one who looked like Griffen copied everything Griffen did.
“This brother is very still and quiet,” Rylan said to Griffen. “But all he ever does is copy us and he won’t ever come out and play. “You are much better. You’re my best friend. Sometimes you make me feel tired or mad, but when we’re brothers, we stay best friends any way.”
Then Griffen splashed pond water on Rylan. Rylan gasped and pulled Griffen into the pond with him. Then they both croaked so loud they scared all the dragon flies away.


Be Sure To See "Meet the Mormons!"

My husband and I saw the movie "Meet the Mormons" tonight.
It was beautiful, touching, funny and real.
 I hope you have the opportunity to see this film. 


My grandson Bradley is featured on KSL TV News story

My grandson Bradley Baadsgaard is featured on a KSL TV News story that aired last night. He played an important role in saving one of his friends.

Here is a link to the story.


Eden's Blessing Day

My beautiful granddaughter Eden Mary Worthen on her blessing day.
These pictures were taken by my daughter Arianne in my back yard.
Welcome to the world Eden! We love you!