Customer's Review of Healing From Abuse

I just found this customer review for my new book on Deseret Book's web site.

"This is possibly the best book on abuse that I have ever read. Despite the author's no-nonsense approach to the devastating effects of abuse on both perpetrator and victim, the overall message of the book is one of hope. Easy to read and navigate, this beautifully written book seamlessly mingles spiritual insights, practical advice and anonymous firsthand accounts in a truly inspirational way. True to its title, Healing From Abuse centers on the key role of Christ's atonement in escaping and healing from the abuse cycle. In accomplishing this, the book grants readers a profound look into the psychology of abuse and the major obstacles all involved parties face in the quest for change and healing. Healing From Abuse is an essential guidebook for the abused, abusers and the friends and family of both parties that walks readers through how to overcome the effects of abuse. This book is both eye-opening and inspirational and is a must-read for anyone who has experienced abuse or knows someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship."
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