Happy Birthday Liam!

Dear Liam,
This is a special poem I wrote just for you. 
You are celebrating your first birthday today
 in the same country where your grandfather
was a missionary almost forty years ago. 

Liam the Lyrical Fish

Granny B

I like to swim in the deep blue sea
Said Liam the lyrical fish
I like to dance to the light of the moon
Pick a star and make a wish

I like to snuggle with Mommy near
And feel her close to me
I like to race with my brothers two
In the huge Samoan sea

I like to feel the warm soft breeze
With my tail fin flashing light
I like to splash in the ocean waves
With my Dad so strong and bright

I like to find a calm tide pool
And settle in for the night
With all my family close to me
I know I’ll be alright

And when I wake to the morning sun
My dear ones close to me
This is the place I want to be
For all eternity