Creating Beauty From All The Varied Pieces of Our Lives

DOWN HOME with Granny B

People often speak to me about past regrets
and constant feelings that they will never be good enough.
Because we all make mistakes
and desire to be a better person than we are,
we can take hope in knowing
that God can take all the bits and pieces of our life
and make us into something beautiful.
We don't have to be perfect to be perfectly loved by our creator.
Instead of constantly obsessing about our past mistakes
and present problems by thinking,
 "I'll never be good enough."
"What was I thinking?"
"I can't do this."
 we can choose to view our life experiences with gratitude
and ask ourselves,
"What am I learning?"
We can choose to see our life in a different way
and make something meaningful and beautiful
from each experience. 
I've been thinking about all that while I've been busy creating
wall hangings
and hair bows
from left-over or unusable scraps
that might have been thrown away
if not viewed through the eyes
of abundance and gratitude.

This quilt was made with left-over small pieces of cloth.

This doll was made from an old torn sheet used as a drop cloth for painting and an old window valance for the dress.

Small scraps of cloth were made into circles and sewn together to create a wall hanging.

These hair clips were made from left-over pieces of cloth and buttons

We are God's creations and he will use all the pieces of our lives to make us into something beautiful.

Joy comes when we learn to see ourselves through God's eyes and when we are grateful for the whole breathtaking ride.