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Scriptural history is replete with tales of strong women from all walks of life: from the humble handmaiden to the mighty priestess, each demonstrates the eternal truth of our divine worth. A thought-provoking celebration of the potential of womanhood, Divinity of Women explores scriptural accounts of women from each of the standard works—both those who allowed themselves to be refined by the challenges of life and those who chose not to turn to Christ in their moments of need. By linking scriptural women’s experiences with modern applications, this powerful volume will inspire women to boldly confront life’s challenges on the path to divinity.

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A delightful look at family life gone wild. Parents will find a handy list of things to worry about, snappy comebacks they can use for comments on pregnancy, detailed analyses on how family reunions and mealtimes work, tips on how to talk teacherese with teachers, and reasons why father can change diapers more easily than mothers. With over eighty vignettes and essays, the book describes families at their most exhausting and best. For in every bit of mayhem the author shows the great and marvelous worth of those we love.

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Growing up in a family of twelve, things were at times “Half Fast”, but that’s when life got hilarious. Half Fast is a collection of bizarre but true stories from my life. Stories like Mom wanting to sacrifice a lamb in our suburban backyard, signing my brother and I up for a pain study and giving me my dead Grandma’s tights for Christmas. Also included are my personal bad choices like running a marathon, hypnobirthing, and assaulting myself with my own arm. Whether you are laughing with us or at us, it only matters that you are laughing. Enjoy!

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The unique role of a mother is among the most noble of all of God’s designs. Children’s victories and defeats are a mother’s own, and a mother’s primary goal is to see her posterity thrive in this mortal experience. But when the trials of life threaten her loved one s well being, where can she turn for peace? Written by mothers, for mothers, this compilation of stories from some of the most beloved authors in LDS literature relates the cherished moments and life lessons learned through the ups and downs of motherhood.

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Luisa May, known to her family and friends as Lu, loves to play games with her grandma. When she’s bullied at school, Grandma has a special puzzle for Lu to help her see how valuable she is—no matter what others say, or how much doubt she feels within herself. Soon after, Grandma has to go to the hospital, and Lu finds out Grandma needs help recovering. Then it’s Lu’s turn to help Grandma see how valuable she is—no matter how much doubt she feels within herself. It’s a beautiful parallel for young and old alike, as each age learns from the other. Written and illustrated with loving hands, this delightful children’s story offers a heartfelt message that unites and bonds generations. From the award-winning pen of Fay A. Klingler, I Am Strong! I Am Smart! provides to women of all ages a reminder of the tremendous gift

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