Happy Birthday Libby

This is a special story for my granddaugher Libby written for her third birthday.  Happy Birthday Libby!

Libby's Rain Dance

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Libby who had a purple rain coat with flowers snaps and a butterfly pocket. On hot summer days when there isn’t a cloud for miles around, Libby knows just what to do. She grabs her slick purple rain coat and marches outside to talk to the sky. When she reaches the sidewalk in front of her house, she looks up and . . . the Libby rain dance starts.

First Libby lifts her right foot and then she puts in down.
Then she lifts her left foot and twirls all around.
Next she does the rub-a-dub by patting her round tummy.
Then she licks the air because she thinks it’s yummy.

Next she finds a pebble and sticks it in her mouth
Then she sucks it clean, before she spits it out.
Next she grabs a glob of dirt and flings it all around
Then she sings a rain song and fills the air with sound.

Then before you know it the clouds slip into view
The air feels kind of heavy and smells like morning dew
Then Libby reaches back and pulls on her slick hat
Right as she hears the rain drops going pitter-pat.

I hope you like your new rain coat Libby. Keep doing the Libby rain dance and listen for the magic. I love you very, very, very much.


Grandma Baadsgaard