Joshua Moody leaves on a mission

My grandson Joshua Moody left for his mission today.
My daughter Alisa and my grandson Joshua were born hours apart. They have grown up together.
This is the first time in eighteen years that they will be apart. We send out missionaries to declare the good news of Jesus Christ and his gospel and to learn to serve and love those wonderful souls living in this mission.
My grandson Josphua Moody was set-apart to be a missionary
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last night by his father Dallan Moody.
We are his grandparents and have watched him grow up for eighteen years.
This is Joshua being dropped off at the missionary training center in Provo Utah to begin his two year mission.
Missions are paid for by the missionary and/or his parents with a great sacrifice of money and time.
Joshua will leave behind one brother Caleb  and one sister Catherine in heaven and two brothers Matthew and Mitchell
along with his loving parents April and Dallan.