Happy Birthday Griffin

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday! I love you mighty Griffin

Griffin is a dragon with an awful great big roar
Whenever he sees Alice he fires her and more
He swings his mighty tail around and makes a horrid sound
Then Alice trembles with alarm and falls right to ground

Griffin has two mighty wings he spreads out far and wide
His heaving chest can wield a sword right next to his side.
He fights his nemesis Rylan with courage and with flair
For angry brothers cannot catch him so high up in the air.

Griffin spews out fire like a great big giant torch
And everything it touches suddenly is scorched
He shakes his head and peers around for anybody left
And finds his dear old mother bewildered and bereft

Then he looks for others he can frighten and confuse
And finds his dear old father who is definitely not amused
He growls and roars and makes loud obnoxious demands
But Dad just stands there smiling, his line drawn in the sand.

“Even dragons must go to bed,” his father says with glee
No matter how you struggle, dragons must mind me
For even bad guys have to sleep for a few hours each night
But don’t worry; when you wake you’re still a terrifying sight

So Griffin is swooped up in his father’s arms
And even if he wants to, there is no great alarm
For his eyes are drooping and big mouth yawns with sleep
And soon the mighty dragon is not making one small peep.