Unsung Heroes at Stake Conference

We had such a great Stake Conference this weekend with our newest apostle Neil Andersen and our area seventy Steven Lund and their wives. Our guests were such a blessings to all of us.  It was an honor to share in their warmth and wisdom.  

There is always another story to every conference. . . the people who make it happen.  Behind the scenes at every Stake Conference there is an army of people who volunteer their service.  There are chairs to set up, electronic capabilities to arrange, ushers for seating, flowers and musical numbers to provide and talks to prepare. 
Our conference this past weekend required an extra measure of service from unsung heroes who worked long hours to prepare a brand new building that was not quite finished.  Even while I was setting up tables to serve our visiting guests a meal, a young man was chalking and painting in the same room.  An army of people showed up to lay sod, plant trees and clean asphalt.  Right before conference was to begin, a heavy wind and rain storm began.  As my husband was standing in the foyer waiting for our guests to arrive with an umbrella to keep them dry, someone informed him that a porta-potty was standing in the front lawn directly in front of the chapel.  You can just imagine the very wet men in dark suits who quickly moved that structure.  After our meal with the guests and the meeting that followed, I walked into the kitchen ready to spend several hours doing the dishes.  To my surprise, the kitchen was full of people with their sleeves rolled up doing the work.  None of the people who gave so much this past weekend would want me to use their names.  They don't do what they do to get noticed.  They do what they do because they love our Father in Heaven and their fellowmen.
So thank you my sweet friends for your quiet service. 
I see you . . . I thank you  . . . and I deeply honor and respect you.