Congratulations Aaron and Maddy Gull

My amazing sister-in-love Karen Gull speaking at the wedding luncheon of her son Aaron Gull and his new wife Maddy.
A brand new family was created today.
Congratulations Aaron and Maddy!


Saint Patrick's Day Family Pictures

My daughter Aubrey plans so many fun Saint Patrick's Day traditions with her children.

They build a house for the leprechauns.
They eat corn beef and cabbage and green cake.
All kinds of tricks happen and magic when there is a leprechaun hiding in the house.
Celebrating our Irish heritage is a lot of fun at Aubrey and Kyle Poffenberger's house.



John Baadsgaard wins the Adobe Case Competition

John Baadsgaard and his team won the Adobe case competition and free I pads.

Happy Birthday Tessa

Dear Tessa,
     I was there when you were born. I saw you open your eyes to the light for the first time. I held you in my arms moments later when you were wrapped in flannel. I felt so happy I wanted to sing and dance but I gently rocked you in the rocking chair next to your mother’s bed in the hospital. I was so grateful that you were born safely and that you could breathe, see, hear, feel and snuggle.
You were an expert at snuggling right from the start. You liked it I snuggled you on my shoulder or placed you on your tummy across my knees while I rubbed your tiny back and sang lullabies to you. You like the song, “Sleep Tight”.
     You came into the world with a light in your eyes that radiated joy. Your parents lived in a small apartment and they didn’t have much money but they had the greatest treasure in the world – YOU! I watched you stretch and grow and saw your first smile, first word and first step.
Tessa you are a happy spirit who loves life. You make friends everywhere you go – on a foreign trip, a walk around the block, in your class at school or church, or in your extended family . . . you are always reaching out to others with warm friendship and acceptance.
     Tessa you are full of music. From the first moments when you calmed at the sound of my voice singing to you, you have found a way to make music a part of your life. You often dance to the music inside your soul and perform for all of us. You play the piano with so much feeling and rhythm. You like songs with a strong beat and happy words. You create your own fancy versions of the songs you learn at piano lessons.
     Tessa you are full of love. You give the best hugs ever and everyone who is so blessed to have you in their life is given the biggest hugs in the world. I love the pictures you draw for me with you and me together with hearts all around us. I feel a heart connection to you too.
Tessa you are curious and eager to learn. I have watched you quickly move from learning to read to reading piles of chapter books from the library. I’ve seen you quickly move through thick math books loving the magic of numbers.
     Tessa you are a fun friend. I love to be around you and spend time with you. I so enjoy your delightful personality and the way you express yourself in words. I always chuckle when I am with you because you are like a shiny yellow balloon – you lift everyone who holds onto you.
     Tessa you are my precious granddaughter. I will love you forever and always be your biggest fan. I look forward to watching you grow up and become a mature woman with a heart to love and hands to serve. You will be a light where ever you go.
I love you forever,
Grandma Baadsgaard