Happy Birthday Eden

Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Eden.

When Eden jumps way up high
She can see the clear blue sky.
Then she crouches way down low
Finds all the potato bugs and so
She lets them tickle all her toes
Then rolls in a ball faking a pose.
For Eden likes to run and play
Ride her scooter then shout and say,
“I’m the mightiest princess with a sword!”
With tutu fluff and a growling word
She sucks two fingers upside down just so
Then twirls her hand in your hair high and low.
When you think she’s ready for sleep
She opens her eyes for one more peep
Gives you a punch and a squeeze and a kick
And just for good measure, a great big lick.
Then she looks up at you with those big blue eyes
And drifts to sleep by and by.

Happy Birthday Gabriel

Grandma Baadsgaard.
I love you precious Gabe.

In a world of darkness 
Gabriel came . . .
Angel of light

To Daniel
I’ve come to bring you good news. . .
God will deliver His people
From captivity
Then lead them back
To the land of promise

To Mary
I’ve come to bring you good news…
Thou are highly favored. . .
Blessed are thou . . .
Fear not
For with God, nothing is impossible.

To Us
I’ve come to bring you good news
This is God’s message to you.
You are my beloved child.
You are never alone.