I Was a Delegate at the Republican Convention

I attended the Utah County Republican Convention as a delegate on Saturday.  It was great to be part of a process where citizens select who we want to be on the ballot to become our leaders. 

It all started when I attended a neighborhood caucus meeting where someone nominated me to be a delegate . . . then the group voted.  It doesn't get an more grass roots than that.  I didn't attend the caucus meeting intending to become a delegate but when the meeting was over I took my assignment seriously.  I attended many meetings where I could met and talk to the candidates.  I carefully read all the literature and e-mails they provided.  I talked to people who worked with the candidates.  For the most part it was a interesting and an educational experience.

 I have great respect for all the candidates and their willingness to run for office.  It takes a great deal of time, commitment and money to run a campaign.

As we got closer to the convention, I noticed some of races became a battle ground where one candidate would attack the other.  Then the person attacked felt the need to set the record straight.

At the convention most delegates were respectful of the candidates - but some were not.  There was boo-ing even for the man that is our current senator.

If I could speak to all candidates I would say:  Tell me what you would like to do if elected.  Don't tell me everything you see wrong in your opponent.

To the delegates I would say:  If you don't have respect for the man or woman, show respect for the process or the position

We don't run a civil society by attacking and booing.  If we don't like what a public servant does, we vote them out of office.  If we want to be elected we need a plan for how we will improve matters.

To everyone I say:  Become part of the process.  Be willing to be a candidate or delegate.  Help with the campaigns of those you want to elect.  If nothing else, get out and vote in the primary elections and in November.  WE decide who leads us and for how long.  WE need to put our own personal effort where our mouth is.  If WE don't like the way things are, WE need be willing to be part of the process to change things for the better

We will lose our freedoms if we don't fight for them at the ballot box.