1. We had a "Mother's Blessing" for my daughter Ashley last night. She is about to have her second child and all the women in our family gathered to honor her. This is not the standard baby shower where the attention is about cute decorations ...and baby clothes. This is a rich and powerful evening where the women who love Ashley in a deep and meaningful way came together to share our strength and love. We organized visits and meals to be brought to her after delivery. We shared our most sacred birth or motherhood experiences. We created a bracelet engraved with words of power and strength for her to wear when she needs to feel our love. 
    Ashley will soon put her life on the line to bring a new daughter into the world and devote the rest of her life to nurturing her soul. The world is confused about the true nature of power. Love is the greatest power in the world. My newest grandchild will be named Eden a tender reminder of our mother Eve . . . and the honor, power and strength of motherhood from the beginning of time until the end of days.