Poem For A Two Year Old Birthday

Lily’s Two Today
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 2nd birthday Lily. I love you oh so much.

There is a girl named Lily
Who has a million dollar smile
And if you are very lucky
She’ll walk with you a while

For when she takes your hand
She always whispers, “Come.”
And when she sees the candy jar
She always asks for, “Some?”

So now she’s turning two
That’s so much older than one
But don’t you turn around
For Lily is on the run

She has two sparkly shoes
That shimmer when she walks
And she has two radiant eyes
That glimmer when she talks

When Lily is the boss
She points and says, “Away!”
So we all stop and we obey
For Lily has the final say

My Lily is a happy girl
With lots of hugs and kisses
And when she has to go back home
                           Her Grandma sure does miss her