Happy Birthday Griffin!

Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Griffin. You are a joy to your grandma.

There is a little boy named Griffin
who really, really likes to wiggle.
When it’s time to talk at church,
he blurts a word that makes people giggle.

When it is time to pick up his mess
Griffin says, “No!” and off he huffs.
“Don’t you know I’m just a little boy
Way too young to pick up my own stuff.”

“Don’t play with your food,” says Mom
When Griffin makes his plate a bomb.
“Don’t jump on your bed when it’s time to sleep.
Just be quiet and don’t make a peep.”

“Griffin, its’s time to learn to use the potty
“No!” says Griffin a little snotty.
“I’m just too busy for such a chore.
Going to the potty is such a bore.”

Because Griffin has a motor in his skin
His poor old mommy never wins
But she knows these days go by so fast,
And she knows too well they just won’t last.

                                                     So she takes Griffin in her arms
And turns off her mommy alarm
For boys grow up in the blink of an eye
And when they’re gone, their mother’s sigh. . .

“Where in the world did my little one go?
I miss those messy days and so . . .
I think today I’ll just enjoy my boy
His bright smiling face is such a joy.

Boys are only little once, you see.
Then a man they soon grow to be.
Someday I’ll remember these days with delight
Before I know it, he will be out of sight.

When I’m old and he holds me in his arms,
I’ll remember all his little boy charms
And love the man he’s grown to be,
And all the grandchildren he’s given me.”