My Children Are My Teachers

Alisa's cloth doll
John testing each triangle
Children are naturally curious.  They want to experiment and try new things.  We adults tend to talk ourselves out of experimentation or creativity because we think we don't have the time, know-how or we don't want to clean up the mess.  Just this week my son John wanted to find out what triangle would support the most weight and Alisa wanted to make her own cloth doll.  Watching John figure out a way to find the answer to his question and observing Alisa creating a brand new doll out of my old cloth scraps has taught me something . . . I need to be more like my children . . .curious, eager, creative and adventurous.  I hope I am blessed to spend the rest of my days with children around me.  Every single day I learn more from the children around me than they learn from me.