FREE tickets to the Uplift Utah Family Conference on May 4th and 5th

I've just been informed by the organizers of the Uplift Utah Family Conference on May 4th and 5th that tickets to this event are now FREE. If you'd like to go contact me and I'll forward an e-mail that has the electronic ticket for you to print out and use. I'll be speaking on Sat May 5th at 11:30.
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Choose Hope

No matter what challenges you face - there is hope. Don't give up.
Don't despair.
Do everything you can to improve your situation - then leave the rest in God's hands.
Choose Hope.
Be at peace.
Remember you are loved.
Be patient.
In time, everything will work out.
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"For Every Mother" is on Sale!

If you're looking for a great gift for the mother in your life for Mother's Day on May 13 you might want to check out this great sale ($5.99) on my new book "For Every Mother" here.
If you buy one and live close by, bring it over to my house and I'd love to sign it for you.
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Happy Birthday Logan!



Grandma Baadsgaard

Logan, this is a story I wrote just for you on your fourth birthday.  I hope you know how much I love you and proud of you I am for being so brave and true. Our family really needs you.

  When Logan’s mother took him to the park, she couldn’t see the green dragon with bright yellow eyes hiding in the tree. But Logan did. When the dragon raised his scaly wings all the leaves trembled.
Logan trembled.

Then Logan remembered he was wearing his red cowboy boots.

Whenever Logan wore his red cowboy boots, he became Logan-the-Large.

Logan quickly scanned the park with eagle eyes to find a sharp stick to defend his family.

          “Why do you always wear those boots?” his mother asked. “They don’t match with anything and they are two sizes too big.”

          Logan looked straight at his mother, clenched his jaw and said, “Because.”

          But Logan knew. Sometimes his mother and father didn’t see the dragons. Someone had to defend his family. Logan’s parents said that dragons aren’t real. They are just in his imagination.

          But Logan knew imagination is real.

          “What are you doing with that branch?” his mother asked as Logan dragged a big tree branch toward her. “It is much too big for you. Just find a small stick to play with.”

          But Logan knew fighting large dragons required large weapons even when you’re wearing your red cowboy boots.

          “I need this one,” Logan said. “I have to fight the dragon.”

          Then Logan climbed the tree and waved his weapon. The dragon retracted his wings and cowered.

          Next Logan yelled, “Get out of here you mean dragon!”

          The dragon didn’t move as green and brown leaves covered him with camouflage.

          Next Logan shook the tree.

          The dragon melted into the tree trunk and slowly disappeared.

          Logan climbed down from the tree and stamped his foot.

          “I am Logan-the-Large and I slay dragons!” he roared.

          “Oh Logan,” his brother Sammy said rolling his eyes. “Watch me! I can do flips on the monkey bars!”

          “Oh . . . Logan,” his sister Sophie sighed. “There you go again.”

          Logan looked at his mother and waited for her to clap. But his mother couldn’t clap because she was holding his little brother Liam  . . . again. It seemed like she was always holding Liam instead of clapping for him.

          Logan’s mother looked into her son’s eyes and then she knew.

          “Oh Logan,” Logan’s mother said. “You scared the dragon away. Thank you for saving our family my brave son.”

          Logan puffed out his chest, rubbed his red boots and smiled. For now he knew that he would always be Logan-the-Large and save his family from every sneaky dragon.
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Today is April's Birthday!

Today is my daughter April's birthday. Thirty-six years ago I was rushing to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning - arriving just in time - for April was in a hurry to get here - two months early.
I had no idea what a ray of sunshine she would be. We hadn't even decided on a name yet. But the first time I saw her, I knew. April had a spirit that radiated freshness and new life just like the month she was born in. So Jennifer or Emily just wouldn't do. April was the only name that could match her spirit of light, optimism and hope.
April you are my springtime, my love and my joy. Happy birthday sweetheart. Pin It

Celebrating at the Cabin

Little girl cousins playing in the "girl's bedroom" at the cabin.
Mitchel delighting everyone with his smile.
A swing that will take you to the sky and back.
Grandchildren are the best!
We celebrated Ashley's Graduation this weekend with a BBQ up at the cabin. The grandchildren always know how to celebrate with each other in their own special way. I love facilitating cousin connections.
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Spending Time in Moroni Utah

I spoke to the women and their daughters of the Moroni Stake tonight about the joy of service.
Many of those who attended shared their personal experiences and I learned so much from them.
My husband has worked with many of the turkey growers in Sanpete County for years
and we have both grown so love the people who live in this beautiful rural community.
Thank you for inviting me. I loved being with all of you tonight.

Many people in Sanpete County, Utah work in the turkey business

I love the quiet unhurried pace of life in Moroni.
Snow capped mountains and well groomed fields are a common sight in this community.  My favorite part is the friendly down to earth people who always have a ready smile and a handshake.
The people of Moroni restored this opera and dinner house.
I love the quiet country-side in Sanpete County.
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Ashley Graduates From BYU!

My daughter Ashley graduated from BYU today. I'm so proud of her and all her hard work. In addition to a brand new degree, Ashley has a wonderful husband Hyrum and a beautiful new daughter Lily.

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I'll be speaking at the Uplift Utah Families Conference in the Salt Palace on Saturday May 5th at 11:30 a.m. If you're coming let me know and we'll meet for lunch. I just took a look at the schedule and it sounds like a great two-day event.  If you'd like to come check here for details.
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Red Hat Society Meetings Are Fun

I spoke to the women in the Red Hat Society of Salem, Utah tonight. What a wonderful group of women! I enjoyed meeting all of them and talking about ways to bring more love and joy into our lives. A reporter from the Daily Herald covered the event. You can read about it here
The Red Hat Society (RHS) is a social organization originally founded in 1998 in the United States for women age 50 and beyond, but now open to women of all ages. As of 2011, there were over 40,000 chapters in the United States and 30 other countries.[1
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Finding Happiness Where You Are

DOWN HOME with Granny B
.Some of us search and search for beauty and happiness . . . out there
While others are still  . . . and create beauty and happiness where ever they are.

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Family Friendly Vacation Destinations - Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is my favorite family friendly place for a vacation. Many people like to go to temple square at Christmas time when brightly colored lights fill the trees on a frosty night. My favorite time is at Easter when carefully tended gardens display a rainbow of color and the quiet hope that spring always comes after even the longest winter. . . what seems dead always comes back to life. I was married in the Salt Lake Temple so this beautiful sacred place has special meaning to me. Ten children and 20 grandchildren later, my husband and I will celebrate our 37th anniversary this June. 
This is a view of City Creek - a new commercial area across the street from Temple Square.
City Creek Center includes more than 700,000 square feet of retail space
within the 23-acre City Creek development on three blocks in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.
Over 90 stores and restaurants (one third new-to-the-market) and 
5,000 large, well-lit underground parking spaces
The outdoor fountains in City Creek are stunning.
I loved the covered walk-way so you can cross the street in style.

My favorite place on Temple Square is in the visitor's center where a larger than life statue of Christ calms the soul and calls for quiet reflection on the meaning of life.
I love the spring flowers that adorn every garden and fill the air with sweet assurance that only spring can bring.

Across the street from temple square are two museums for family history and church history. There are child friendly hands-on-areas for the children.
I love the Assembly Hall that looks the same as it did in Pioneer Days.
The near-by Church Office Building also has beautiful gardens and statues that delight the eye and refresh the soul.
Even though you are in the heart of a big city, Temple Square feels like a private walled place - perfect for personal meditation. Everything at temple square is free and open to the public.
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Family Friendly Vacation Destinations - Utah Natural History Museum

If you're looking for a museum that welcomes and educates your children . . . this is the place for you. The Utah Natural History Museum is located on the University of Utah campus in SLC and everything is hands on and child friendly. We spent a day in Salt Lake City during spring break and this museum was certainly worth our time and money. Tickets were $9.00 for adults and $7.00 for children.
The rock and mineral display was one of my favorites.
My children loved the life-sized dinosaur displays.
The museum is beautifully designed and each display was educational and fun.

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Family Friendly Vacation Destinations - UTAH ROCKS

If you're looking for a family friendly vacation spot I suggest Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef. We spent our Spring Break in these two beautiful areas in Utah and this is what we found.
Goblin Valley is wonderland of strange and interesting rock formations. This area is wide open and hands on fun. Spend an hour or two hiking or take an entire day to explore a place that looks like another planet.  Most of the visitors hike in the area directly below the parking, but we spent out time in the valley to the far right and had the entire area to ourselves. Admission was $7.00 per car. There is one restroom and a nearby picnic and camping area with showers. If you have more time try hiking in slot canyons near here. Our favorite is the Little Wild Horse. You can hike the entire loop or just hike up as far as you want and then hike back.
Goblin Valley is perfect for families.
Spring and Fall are great times to visit.
Capital Reef is another favorite area where the crowds are small and the beauty overwhelming. When we drove through this year, all the fruit trees were in blossom and there was no admission fee. You will see rock formations that will astound you. Be sure to get out of your car and see the Native American petroglyphs, take a hike or enjoy a picnic.
The rock formations are especially stunning at sunset


Blessing Day for Lily

The miracle of a new baby always touches my heart in a way nothing else can. Welcome to life my dear Lily. Your Grandma Baadsgaard loves you so.
My daughter Ashley and her husband Hyrum blessed their beautiful new daughter Lily on Easter Sunday...such a perfect day to celebrate the miracle of life.
Lily wore the same blessing dress that her mother Ashley Laura wore twenty-one years ago on her blessing day.
Lily has two dimples and a happy loving spirit just like both of her parents.
Her tiny bracelet was made by her Aunt Amy and her blessing dress was made many years ago by her Great Aunt Lisa.
Photos by Arianne Baadsgaard Cope

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