Isabella's Sunshine

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday precious Izzy. I love you with all my heart.

When Isabella woke for school, she noticed it was still dark outside her window.
“Why is it so dark even in the morning now?” Izzy asked her mother as she walked into the kitchen looking for breakfast.
“In the winter, the sun comes up later and goes down earlier,” her mother said. “But after December 21st each day has more sunlight because the sun stays in the sky a little longer.
“I miss the summer,” Izzy said. “I like to play outside when it is warm.”
“Me too,” her mother said. “Maybe we just have to figure out how to make our own sunshine.”
“But how?” Izzy asked.
“That is a secret that only you can discover,” her mother answered.
Just then Izzy’s father came into the kitchen with a big smile on his face.
“Look at this beautiful polished rock,” her father said. “Isn’t it amazing?”
Izzy took the smooth stone in her hand and rubbed it with her fingers.
“Daddy how do you find an ugly rock in the field by our house and turn it into something so beautiful?”
“I put the stone in a rock polisher machine where it gets knocked around lot and gradually all the rough edges are grinded off revealing the beauty of the stone.”
Daddy brings sunshine into the world by discovering the beauty in old rocks, Izzy thought.
Then Izzy heard her baby brother babbling in his car seat. First he cooed. Then he suddenly broke into a laugh. The whole family stopped what they were doing and listened. Then everyone ran over to baby Christian and laughed with him.
Christian brings sunshine into the world by laughing, Izzy thought.
Right then Izzy’s brother Daniel grabbed her leg and gave her the biggest hug of the world. Izzy smiled and reached down and hugged Daniel back.
Daniel brings sunshine into the world by hugging, Izzy thought.
After breakfast Izzy ran upstairs and got dressed in her favorite school outfit. Then her mother combed her hair.
“You sure look nice,” her brother Brad said when Izzy stepped out of the bathroom.
Brad brings sunshine into the world by saying nice things, Izzy thought.
While Izzy was waiting for her mother to run her to school she sang her favorite song. Izzy loved to sing.
“When you sing, you fill out house with sunshine,” her mother said.
I can bring sunshine into the world by singing, Izzy thought.
When Izzy jumped out of the car and ran into her school, the clouds were still dark and no sun could be seen in the sky. But Izzy felt warm inside because now she knew where to find her own sunshine.