Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello and Jamestown with Aubrey's Family

My daughter Aubrey and I at Monticello with grandchildren Alice and Griffin in the foreground.
Wig maker in Colonial Williamsburg.
Wig Shop.
Silversmith Shop.
My grandson Rylan in the stocks.
Williamsburg Parade.
Pocahontas Statue.
John Smith Statue.
Jamestown Sign.
Horse and buggy.
Glass Blowers.
Wooden Wares at Shop.
Thomas Jefferson's bed.


Alisa Baadsgaard Receives State Congressional 2018 Art Award

Alisa Baadsgaard with Representative Gibson and her parents in the Gold Room at the State Capital.

My daughter Alisa Baadsgaard received the Congressional Award for her art work today
 in the Gold Room of the State Capital.
This is Alisa Baadsgaard with Rep Gibson
on the floor of the Utah State House of Representatives
where he is introducing her and telling the lawmakers
about the award she received for her art work.


Happy Birthday Lily!

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Lily. Hope you day is filled with love.

If you eat a pickle
It will make you wiggle
And if you swallow a fly
It will make you sigh
If you do a flip
It might make you hip
If you give me a smile
I’ll walk with you a mile
If you tell me, “I love you.”
I’ll be a cow and moo.
If you do a swirl
Then your hair will curl.
If you dance a jig
You would be so big
If you count to ten
You’ll wonder where you’ve been
If you sleep so tight
Your Grandma then just might
Love you forever and a day
So Lily, what to you say?  


Happy Birthday EMMA!!!

Dear Emma,
Happy Birthday to my precious granddaughter. I’m giving you one of my favorite books. It is a children’s book so the language is simple but this story has a profound message.
This book talks about some of the ways we can like ourselves.
Sometimes we forget that we can be our own best friend.
Sometimes we forget that we are our own best company.
Sometimes we forget to take good care of ourselves.
Sometimes we forget to look in the mirror and say, “Hi, good-looking!”
Sometimes we forget to like our body just the way it is.
Sometimes we forget that when we are sad, we can cheer our self up.
Sometimes we forget that when we fall down, we can pick ourselves up.
Sometimes we forget that when we make mistakes, we can try and try again.
Sometimes we forget that no matter where we go or what we do, we will always be us.

Emma, I love having you for my granddaughter. My heart sings when you walk in my door and come to my home.
It is a joy to live close to you and watch you grow up.
I hope you always remember to like yourself.
I will always love you with all my heart and soul.
Grandma Baadsgaard


Alisa Baadsgaard - Award Winner in the 46th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show

My daughter Alisa Mary Baadsgaard is an award winner in the 46th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show.

Her work will be on display at the Springville Art Museum for the next few weeks.

Alisa took apart an old piano and used the pieces to create
stunning works of art. The circle at the bottom is made
from piano keys and the spiral is made from the hammers
that strike the wires to produce the sound. 
Way to go Alisa!
Alisa saying a few words after she received the congressional award.