Inner Stillness

As a mother of a large family I often find myself wishing that I could be in more than one place at a time - for I so desire to meet the needs of my husband, children and grandchildren.  But because I am only one I must be still and ask, "Who needs me most now," then listen and respond. The greatest desire of my heart is to love each member of my family the way they need to be loved. 

Yet each day I must accept my limitations and trust God to fill in the places where I can not be.  When I am still, very still, I watch in awe as God's tender mercies play out on the stage of my family. Without a word from me, I quietly observe God's healing hands in action as my husband, children and grandchildren step forward to serve and love each other.   

"Let us, then, labor for an inward stillness--

an inward stillness and an upward healing;

that perfect silence where the lips and heart are still,

and we no longer entertain

our own imperfect thoughts and vain options,

but God alone speaks to us,

and we wait in singleness of heart,

that we may know His will,

and in the silence of our spirits,

that we may do His will and do that only."

                                                                                    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow