Happy Birthday Griffin!

Happy Birthday Griffin!
I hope you know a whole bunch of people sure do love you!


Happy Birthday Rylan!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful little boy
who I love with all my heart.


Margaret and Jerrol Syme Celebrate 50 years!

Margaret and Jerrol Syme (my sister and brother in love)
celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary tonight.
Their awesome children provided a beautiful meal
games and visiting to honor this wonderful couple
I love with all my heart.


Happy Birthday Christian

This little boy brings so much joy to his Grandma's life!
Happy Birthday Christian.  I sure do love you!

First big boy haircut!


Cousin Lunch at the Cabin

Cousin lunch at the cabin.
We might be getting older 
but we still know how to have fun together.


Good Friends, Food and Conversation at the Cabin

Loved having dear friends over at the cabin
to enjoy good food and a great conversation
about the truths we learned at General Conference.


Branden and Emmylou Gull's Wedding

I so enjoyed spending the day at the temple
being part of the sealing of Branden and Emmylou's wedding.
What a wonderful young couple.



Last summer fires raged all around Loafer Canyon where we have our cabin. With the help of firefighters from all over the country all the cabins were miraculously spared. However on August 8, 2019 heavy rains swept through the Wasatch Front dumping huge amounts of of water on the burn scar causing flash flooding and massive mud slides in Loafer Canyon. These pictures will give you a glimpse of the devastation that followed.


Esbern and Mary Baadsgaard Reunion 2019

I have the best sisters-in-love in the world
and the best husband.
We spent the weekend attending Daniel's baptism 

doing sealings together at the temple
enjoying supper in the canyons.


Daniel's Baptism

My Nephew Daniel Gull was baptized yesterday.
It was such an honor to be with this beautiful Gull family and feel all the love in the room as Daniel was baptized by his brother Aaron and confirmed by his brother Ryan.
There was not a dry eye in the room as we watched this pure innocent boy
make his choice to be a follower of Jesus.
Daniel is so full of love, ever ready with hugs and abounding with joy
that we all feel the presence of Christ in our lives whenever we are around him.
He has been a blessing to all who are privileged to know h


Fun night in SLC seeing our favorite singer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
and enjoying the evening with April and Dallan.


44th Wedding Anniversary and John Denver Music

Ross and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary
listening to John Denver music under the stars in Midway.


Fun Family Summer Trips 2019

Tessa and Alice in their stone house.

Baadsgaard cousins at Fish Lake

Hiking in Capitol Reef

Awesome museum in Fairview

Ross skipping rocks.

Amy and with Ross.

Cousins making memories.

Kyle with Simon.
Tessa being delightful.