FOR EVERY MOTHER by Janene Baadsgaard book club discussion

Marilyn Laursen asked me to speak to her book group in Provo, Utah yesterday. I have to admit, speaking to a group of women who love to read is one of my favorite invitations. Each woman had purchased a copy of my book "For Every Mother" and wanted to talk about it. Some of the women in the Grandview Book Club shared favorite parts of my book while others asked me questions about my family or about writing. Still others shared their life experience, ideas and wisdom.

     These women have been meeting for 40 years. FORTY YEARS! Isn't that awesome. They have seen each other through child rearing, times of trouble, joy and great loss. I loved being with them. Those who read always share a love of learning and a love for life.

     My first book was inspired by a woman that spoke to me privately after I spoke to her book club.
     "Janene," she said, "I cut all your columns out of the newspaper and put them in my scrap book. I put that scrapbook at the side of my bed and every night I read one. They always make me laugh or cry and I always feel better about life. Then I can relax and go to sleep."
This kind woman gave me the encouragement I needed to write my first book. (So she wouldn't have to do so much cutting and pasting). I have a great love for book clubs and the women I meet there. Thank you for inviting me Marilyn. You are so blessed to have such a warm and loving group of friends and I was so grateful to meet them yesterday.