I Love Note To A Treasured New Friend I've Never Met

Writing a blog has been such a pleasure for me. Catching my fleeting thoughts into words and images then having someone far away read those words and see those images and respond has truly touched my soul. Personal blog comments from readers like you have become a magical connection for me and a wonderful way to find new soul mates. Even though we may not have ever met, I feel as though we have become good friends. I don't think I can adequately thank all of you who have left comments here. I read each one and so often they feel like tender mercies from heaven.  I can't thank all of you personally but I want to try by saying thank you to one.
Dear Shirley,
Your insightful, positive and loving comments on my blog have been such a gentle kindness to me. Though I have never met you, I love you. I feel your goodness. I look forward to checking my E-mail to see if there is a note from you. Your words always make my day. Thank you for taking the time to be such an important part of my life, for being my friend and for letting me know you. Knowing you has meant more to me than you will ever know. I hope I meet you some day. Yet even if I never see you physically, I see you spiritually. What a gift it is for me to call you my friend.

This is Shirley's last blog comment on a post about my son Joseph's recent adoption. Can you see why I love her so. . .

My new friend Shirley
"Your post made me cry, Janene. What a beautiful post, and what a wonderful Christmas present for everyone. There was a special on TV last night about foster children who were adopted. It was entitled "Home for the Holidays". It was about children who were adopted by their foster parents, single & married, and how well the children have flourished in their new family. This is so awe-inspiring, and I wish you all a very Blessed Christmas season. And to think that Isabella's Dad's name is Joseph!! Sending lots of love to your family."

Merry Christmas Shirley. Thank you for being you. You are such a gift to me.