Foster Parenting Awakens the Miracle of Love

Not everyone becomes a parent the same way.

Those who invite foster children into their home and later adopt have simply found a new way.
Such is the case with my granddaughter Isabella.

Happy Birthday Isabella.
Welcome to our family . . . forever.
This is a story I wrote just for you.
Isabella Finds Her Home

Granny B

In a land far away land on the highest mountain lived a kind, gentle couple named Joseph and Martha. More than anything they wanted children of their own to love. But as the years went by, no children came.

“Our happiness would be complete if only we had a little girl to love,” Joseph said.

“I would name her Isabella,” Martha answered.

In their high mountain country the most prized possession a couple could own was a beautiful golden butterfly.

“Perhaps a golden butterfly will take our sadness away,” Martha said. “It has been almost seven years.”

After a man and woman were married for seven years in their high mountain home they were presented with a key to the national flower garden and given an hour to find a prized caterpillar to bring home.

Joseph and Martha looked forward to their garden day with great expectation. When the day arrived they dressed in their finest clothes and approached the gate to the garden. The man at the gate gave them the golden key and set the timer.

“You must be quick,” the gate keeper said. “In one hour the gate will close and you will not be able to return to your home. Return the key promptly in one hour.”

Martha and Joseph walked through the gate and began their search. They looked carefully in every place they thought caterpillars would hide - on flowers, under leaves and in all the low hanging trees, but they couldn’t find a single caterpillar. Tired and weary they returned to the man at the gate empty handed.

“Don’t look so sad,” the man at the gate said. “If you are unsuccessful here you can still go to Butterflies Incorporated.”

So Joseph and Martha found Butterflies Inc. in the richest part of town. It was a high rise building entirely made of glass. When they walked through the doors, a man dressed in a silk suit approached them.

“We have the finest caterpillars in the land here. Each one has papers that declare their parentage. All are guaranteed to become a beautiful creature just like their parents. If you will come with me I will show you where you can make your selection.”

But Joseph and Martha were not listening to the finely dressed man. Their attention was focused on a fuzzy black and white caterpillar crawling next to their feet. This caterpillar was inching back and forth across their shoes. Every once in a while the caterpillar stopped and looked up at them.

“We want this one,” Joseph said.

“You don’t want that one,” the man answered. “Why I don’t even know where that caterpillar came from. It has no papers. There is no guarantee that caterpillar will be beautiful when it has transformed. I don’t know how that creature got in here. It must have crawled in under the door. Come, follow me. You will be much safer with our papered caterpillars.”

“No,” Martha answered. “We want this one.”

Then she lovingly scooped the fuzzy caterpillar into her palm and placed her other hand over the top to protect the creature from falling.

“How much?” Joseph asked.

“There is no charge for that creature,” the man answered. You are foolish to take such a risk. You have no guarantees.”

Joseph and Martha smiled for they could see something the man could not see and feel something he could not feel.

“Our caterpillar is jumping up and down in my hand,” Martha said with a giggle. “I think it is doing a happy dance.”

After Martha and Joseph brought their new caterpillar home, they placed it in a box with lots of leaves to eat and a soft bed of cotton. Their fuzzy little caterpillar never stopped moving unless it was asleep. All day long the caterpillar chewed, crawled, did the happy dance and ate some more. Soon their caterpillar became motionless and Joseph and Martha knew the time had come. They watched as their caterpillar attached to the under-side of a strong leaf. Joseph and Martha kept watching until they both fell asleep. When they woke the next morning, their caterpillar had become a shining chrysalis.

“Now we wait,” Joseph said.

“I miss the happy dance,” Martha added.

Soon days turned into weeks and one morning when Joseph and Martha went to check on their little caterpillar they saw the most beautiful golden butterfly stretching long graceful wings in the morning sunlight.

Joseph placed the shimmering butterfly on his shoulder and took Martha by the hand. Together they hiked to the highest peak on their mountain topped with a gleaming cathedral.

After the long hike, Joseph and Martha entered the door of the cathedral and knelt at the alter to thank God for their good fortune. A man dressed in white approached them.

“Joseph and Martha, because you loved this creature with no guarantees,” the man said, “your wish is now granted.”

As he spoke those words, their butterfly’s wings circled around the delicate creature, spinning in a majestic spiral until the butterfly turned into a shining little girl with eyes that sparkled like diamonds. The little girl giggled as she slipped from her father’s shoulder and jumped down into his waiting arms.

“Isabella,” Martha and Joseph and said in unison. “We have been waiting so long for you.”

Isabella smiled, jumped from her new parent’s arms onto the floor and did a happy dance. Soon her new parents joined hands and before she knew it, legs were flying; all arms reached for the heavens and together the new family did the happiest dance in the land.