Graduation Day

My son-in-law Klye Poffenberger graduated from his residency yesterday.  This is the last step in a thirteen year long goal to be an anesthesiologist.  He will now be taking a post in Pennsylvania.  Not only am I extremely proud of him for all his hard work but I find myself wanting to thank all the doctors and nurses out there who do their best to save lives.

Because I've had a daughter, son and grandson in the hospital in the past few weeks in emergency situations I realize that we all depend on these educated people to help us in our greatest hour of need.  Most of the time we are quick to judge if they make mistakes or don't do things the way we think they should.  But today I just feel deeply grateful that these dedicated men and women devote so much of their lives to saving ours.

So . . . congratulations Kyle.  And thank you for choosing to help the rest of us when we don't have the skills or knowledge to help ourselves.  Thank you for taking on enormous debt and working for 13 long years to put yourself in a position to save my children.  I have the deepest respect and appreciation for you.

I love you Kyle.  Thank you for being such a terrific husband, father and doctor.  You have devoted your life to all of us and we thank you.