John is an Eagle Scout

My son John is receiving his Eagle Scout Award this Sunday.
I just want to take a minute to tell you why John is such an incredible young man. He has a soul much wiser than his 15 years.

John is a talented musician. He sings, composes and plays the piano, bass and guitar. He has his own music studio with 13 piano students. He plays the piano at church, sings in several choirs and had the lead role of the Beast in his school play "Beauty and the Beast".

John loves learning and his numerous academic awards speak of a dedicated student who always strives for excellence.

John loves children. His twenty nieces and nephews love to be around him and he takes the time to be their friend.

John looks out for others by being a friend to those who really need one. I often have parents approach me and tell me how much John's friendship or example has meant to their child.

John volunteers his time to clean the church and help his friends on their Eagle projects. He is an indexer who volunteers many hours to create digital records for those seeking their ancestors.

Best of all, John is a loving son, brother and uncle. I love him and honor him for a life well lived.
Congratulations John.
I love you,

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Family Reunion at the Cabin

At the cabin with my family. Life doesn't get any better than this.
Faces of all the people I love.
With my sweetheart. Ross is the love of my life.
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