Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy third birthday my precious little Lily. What joy you bring to my heart.

First came the light
Caleb was born

Consider the lilies - how they grow
Solomon in all his glory
not arrayed like one of these.

Then came loss
Caleb’s death

White lilies
Resting on his grave

White angel
Soaring heavenward

Your Father knoweth
ye have need
Fear not

Heaven’s light
Dressed in white

Lily took Caleb’s hand
“I’m so glad you are home.
Your death there is like birth here.

Now it is my turn to leave
Is birth there like death here?”

Then came the light
Lily was born

Consider the lilies – how they grow

Stone rolled away


In the garden
Where each red drop fell
A lily grew

God’s promises

never forgotten


Happy Birthday Emma

When You Are Seven
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 7th Birthday my Emma dear. I love you so.

When you are seven
You can’t be eleven

For seven is less
You can probably guess

That seven is grand
If you can . .  .

Handle teeth falling out
Arms and legs that sprout

Adding and subtracting
While you feel the urge to sing

And at the most unlikely times
You just feel sublime

And dancing, that comes next
You twirl your very best

And when you’re with your grandma
You can just be la-de-daw

For seven is really a piece of heaven
If you are my Emma-bam-bevan