January 6th - Day for Celebrating

Daniel with his mother Karen
Daniel is two months old
Daniel with Jordan after his blessing
Jordan and Karen with their beautiful family
Three generations
Grandma and Grandpa Baadsgaard with baby Daniel

This past Sunday was a remarkable day - a day for celebrating the gift of life. The older I get the more I am deeply touched by the birth of each new child. On this January 6th I turned one year older, my grandson Caleb would have turned eight-years-old if he was still alive, and Daniel was given a name and a blessing by his father Jordan.

As I watched all the men in our family gently encircle this tiny child I thought about the eternal circle of life. Part of that circle is death.

The combination of our family celebrations all in one day created a generational pureness of heart . . . white balloons released at Caleb's grave to celebrate his brief life . . . white suit for the newest member of our family . . .  and white snow signifying the season we give honor to the one who gave us the hope of Eternal Life.