In a world where there is trouble at home and abroad, the blessing of a newborn infant doesn’t make the headlines . . . but perhaps it should. Gideon Michael Cope was given a name and a blessing today. He is my grandson.

Earlier on this bright summer morning before church began, I watched as his mother Arianne lovingly dressed her newborn son in white. In another part of their home, Gideon’s father Jared knelt to ask for heaven’s guidance as he blessed his newborn son.

I watched as family gathered and shared good food in the back yard of my daughter’s home to celebrate the occasion – a fitting feast. Then later we all walked together to the Mormon church two blocks away.

Once inside the chapel, we prayed and sang a hymn. Then his father, two grandfathers and a dozen uncles surrounded Gideon in a protective circle. I watched as each man reached inside the circle and placed one hand beneath the child and the other hand on the shoulder of the man standing next to them.

Then Jared gave his new son a name and a father’s blessing. It seemed as though the circle of those who love Gideon kept expanding to include all who love him both here on earth and beyond the veil. For never is God’s love more real than in His gift of a new child to us. Now in this place, there is new light and hope.

After the blessing my daughter stood before the congregation and bore her testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ. She said, “I am so grateful that I have the privilege of being a mother so that I can understand in some small way the new birth the Savior offers all of us.”

Perhaps it is in these loving circles of family - where those who have gone before and those who follow us – keep us from falling and show us the light. Through both water and blood new life is born and we are all new once again.   
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