Happy Birthday Brad!

Happy Birthday Brad!

Climbing Mountains
Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Brad. Hope you have a great day!

at the base of a mountain
the peak seems so far away
too hard to climb
out of reach
yet . . .  if you begin
take the first step
if you keep moving
through the sweat and tears
never give up on yourself
never quit
when every muscle aches
wants to give up

you take another step
and another
then it happens
you reach the peak
take a deep breath
and reach your arms to heaven

for now you see

at the peak the valley opens to your view
from a new place of knowing
perspective changes
wind cools your brow

now you know
you can do hard things

before you descend
you glance off into the distance
and see another mountain
followed by others

you know on another day
you will be climbing another mountain

keep trying
never give up
then you become the change you seek