The Big Magic of True Love Lasts Forever

Isabella and the Magic Scarf
Grandma Baadsgaard
Izzy, this is a special story I wrote just for you on your sixth birthday.
I love you very much.
I hope you keep the magic going forever.

            On the day Isabella turned six years old, her Granny gave her a soft pick and blue scarf, mittens and hat.
            “Thank you Grandma,” Isabella said as she took her gifts from the gift bag. “I like blue and pink.”
Then Isabella threw her arms around her grandma and hugged her so tight her head almost popped off.
“Now remember,” her grandma whispered in her ear, “This is a magic scarf, hat and gloves.”
            Isabella was puzzled and asked, “How are they magic Grandma?”
            “That is a secret only you can discover,” her Grandma answered.
            After everyone sang, “Happy Birthday,” Isabella blew out the candles on the cake, and made a wish. While everyone was eating cake, Isabella tried on every single princess dress in her closet and she had a lot of them.
            Each time Isabella emerged from her bedroom and twirled in front of her family, they oooed and awed and clapped. Then everybody went home and Isabella’s Mommy told her it was time for bed.
            The next day Isabella ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, got dressed and put on her warm coat. Then she saw the birthday scarf, gloves and hat sitting on the floor next to her bed and she remembered what her grandma whispered in her ear. So she put them on. Then she ran outside into the cold winter morning. The scarf felt like a warm hug around her neck, the gloves took the bite off the cold air on her fingers and the hat kept her warm inside from escaping through the top of her head.
            Isabella waited and waited for fairy dust to shoot out her fingers or toes, not nothing else happened.
            “Hurry up or you’ll be late for school,” Isabella’s mother said.
            Day after day, Isabella put on the warm hat, gloves and hat and waited for the magic but it didn’t come.
            The next time her grandma came to visit, Isabella pulled her aside and whispered in her ear.
            “Grandma the scarf, gloves and hat don’t work.”
            “How do you feel when you put them on?” her grandma asked.
            “I feel warm and I think about you,” Isabella answered.
            “Oh, so you did find the magic,” her grandma answered.
            “What do you mean Grandma?”
            “Because I love you so much I found a magic way to wrap my arms around you, keep you warm and help you think about me. It’s works. It’s magic.
            “But I can’t fly and fairy dust never shoots my fingers or toes,” Isabella said.
            “Oh that is just small magic,” her grandma answered. “The biggest magic of all of the warm feeling of loving someone and having them love you right back.”
            Isabella wrapped her arms around her grandma neck, lovingly placed her tiny fingers around her grandma’s wrinkled hands then patted the top of her head to keep the warm from escaping from the top of her head.
            “I just gave you the magic right back,” Isabella said.
            “That is how we keep the magic going forever,” her grandma answered.
            So Isabella and Grandma just kept hugging and hugging each other whenever they saw each other. And the hugging didn't stop there. Isabella kept hugging everybody that she loved so the big magic lasted forever.Pin It