Finding Joy Every Day

Life is difficult.  Each day presents us with a new problem to solve.  Yet, once we accept the fact that life is not easy - we are free to embrace it.  If you have problems, you have the whole human race for company.
If you are feeling blue, throw your fist into the air and yell, "I can do this!  I refuse to be intimidated by reality!"

Don't take life too seriously. 

Think about your blessings. 
 Surround yourself with people who help you see the good in your life.
 Play with a small child.

We all need to loosen up.  We are not in control of anything or anybody except ourselves and our attitude.

So choose to be grateful.  Choose to think positive thoughts.  Choose to be fully present in your life today.  Chosse to love.  The past and future have no hold on us unless we allow it.  Today is a gift to be savored and enjoyed.