Acres of Roses

Once upon a time a bright and beautiful princess named Sandra was born to King Jordan and Queen Karen. She was an exceptionally imaginative child. Though her parents were unaware, Princess Sandra was born with the gift of music. She also had discerning eyes. When adults saw pestering insects and bugs, Sandra saw elves and fairies.
Every evening the king and queen would take little Sandy for a ride in a carriage in their manicured garden. When dragonflies flew past the carriage, the tiny princess watched with delight as a delicate creature with purple wings and a shimmering green body landed gently on her palm. Sandy smiled as the fairy preened in the sun and she laughed when the lovely winged creature flew away. The king and queen did not know the dragonfly was actually a fairy and shooed the horrible bug away.
Each day Princess Sandra grew and grew until one day she was old enough to go out into the garden alone. She spent many pleasant hours singing in the garden - playing with her fairy friends. She listened to the doves cooing in the trees and heard the buzz of insects in the grass. She dipped her toes in the pool of water and felt the sun warm her shoulders.
One day a black mole came to the garden and started chewing the roots to all the roses. One by one the rose bushes died for their roots had been eaten away. Princess Sandra was sad and frightened because her garden was slowly dying. She didn’t feel like singing any more.
She summoned her friends the fairies and asked for their help.
“I don’t know what to do,” Princess Sandra said. “The moles are eating the roots to all my roses. My garden is dying and I don’t know how to stop them.”
“Moles hate happy children,” the fairies said. “They try to destroy everything you have to sing about . . . but keep singing any way. Moles only have power when children stop singing. Singing sounds like horrible screeching to moles. Keep singing Princess Sandra. Your music will force the moles to leave.”
So each day after that Princess Sandra walked through her garden and sang a new and happy song. The moles had to pack their bags and leave because the princess would not stop singing.

Then Princess Sandra planted new roses – acres and acres of roses.

Happy Birthday Sandy. Your Grandma B. loves you very much!