Everything We Give Comes Back Even Sweeter

I have more cherries than I need at my house and offered to share them.

Last week my daughter Arianne and granddaughter Sophia picked cherries from my sour cherry tree. I loved watching them pick together as the canyon breeze blew and the dappled sunlight made each cherry as bright as rubies. I pushed my grandson Liam in the swing while his brothers Sam and Logan played on the grass.

I've discovered that one of the secrets of a happy life is knowing that when we share, we always get more . . . not less.
Arianne and Sophie thanked me and left.

Then a few days later I saw the beaming faces of Arianne and Sophia with outstretched hands offering me a delicious home-made cherry pie.

Loving my husband and children has filled my life with meaning, purpose and indescribable joy.
Now as I watch my children loving their children - I know.
Everything we give always comes back . . . even sweeter.                                                 Pin It