Memorial Day Memories With the Baadsgaards

April and Dallan with their boys at the cemetery.
Grandpa and Mitch.
Alisa and Josh on the big tree hike.
Dallan and Mitch on our big tree hike.
John with his nephews Josh, Brad and Matthew.
April and Dallan with their boys at big tree.
Big tree hug.
My beautiful grandchildren: Samuel, Liam, Sophia, Gideon and Logan Cope.
Arianne and Jared with their children

We like Memorial Day to be a mixture of respectful remembrance and family fun. On Sunday evening we visited the graves of my mother and Ross's parents and also our grandson Caleb. We like to express our favorite memories of our loved ones to each other. This is also a way for my children to learn more about their grandparents. Then we headed to the cabin where we slept over and woke up to a great breakfast fixed by Ross followed by a hike to Big Tree. Every single person made it. It didn't matter if we were the first one there or the last - we all got there and being with family it what makes memories sweet.