Joyful Living is a Choice

Living a joyful life is really a personal choice.  Nursing old wounds, obsessing on problems, anticipating the worst, indulging in comparisons, dwelling on the past and second-guessing choices are all good ways to think if we want to be miserable.  The only  moment we have is now.  The only power we have is to act in the present.

This life is just a drop in the sea of eternity. We can choose to drink deep from the well of love. We can't control how many love us but we can control how many people we love.  We can choose to uplift, encourage, nurture and inspire. Whenever we’re tempted to retreat into small living, we can remember who we are and tell ourselves to start acting like the children of God we are.

Each moment of our life is precious and deserves to be savored. If we had a glimpse into the magnitude of our influence, we wouldn’t live one more day without offering our love. Just being alive is a glorious thing no matter what our present circumstances may be. For all experience is like the entrance into a new world of expanded perspective, awareness and wisdom.