Welcome to my blog  . . . Baadsgaard Bylines.  Take a deep breath and relax.  You're safe here.  I'm not going to preach to you or tell you how to improve.  I'm simply going to share my celebration of life and tell you what is going on in my heart.   

I've been writing for over thirty years but I've always had a newspaper, magazine or book publisher between me and my readers along with a price tag.  A personal connection with my reader is what I love - not the business end of publishing.  I've been contacted by many sources asking me to write on their sites for pay or to make my blog commercial.  But I have resisted because I like writing just for you  - without anything . . . including money  . . . getting in the way.
I'm going to be deeply personal.  I'm going to be honest.  I'm going to share a few ideas about what I think creates a joyful life.  So hopefully we'll cry together and laugh together.  I'll share the birthday stories I write for my grandchildren and try to show you the immense beauty I see in my every day life through the lens of my camera.  For me, each day is truly a celebration that is made more meaningful because I can share it with you. 

You are the reason I write this blog.

I honestly appreciate your interest and the time you spend here.  I would also love to hear your comments.