Happy Birthday Alice

Happy Third Birthday my precious granddaughter Alice.
I love you with all my heart.
Here is a moment we shared that I will remember forever.

When my mommy is busy with my baby brother,

I take the iPad and sneak upstairs.

I hide in the closet.

Then I Face-time Grandma.

“Shh,” I say when Grandma answers.

“This is Alice.

I’m hiding in my closet

So Mommy can’t see me.”

Grandma talks to me.

I talk to Grandma.

Then I grab my books, run to my bed, and climb under the covers.

I read Grandma a story.

Then I turn out the lights

And tuck the iPad in the covers.

Then Grandma sings to me

I like, “Allie Ballie Be” and "Sleep Tight.”

Then I say my prayers,

Hold the I Pad to my lips

And kiss Grandma Goodnight.